Web+Mobile Technologists

"We've partnered with DarwinApps for multiple projects over the past few years, building digital magic together across the web. Quite simply, not only are they a veritable swiss-army knife of tech savvy know-how , but they are incredibly easy to work with, and prove perfectly complementary to our own cutting edge technologists."
- DJ Saul / CMO iStrategyLabs
"The positive effect on my business of working with DarwinApps is undeniable. The more we invest in them and their products, the more we grow. Their skills are second to none, plain and simple ."
- Paul Mandell / CEO Consero

Here's what we've been up to.

  • AT&T FanZone

    Client: iStrategyLabs, U-Verse by AT&T

    The application: an easy-to-set battle of the social (twitter, instagram, and facebook) networks; one team versus another. This installation was used on a weekly basis for the entire 2013 college football season along with select NFL games. We teamed up with iStrategyLabs and AT&T to help execute and build out this project from start to finish. We handled all things backed with our engineering team.

    NodeJS SocketIO PHP Admin Panel

    See the video
  • EducationDive

    Native iOS + Android Application / Client: UtilityDive

    The Education System in 60 seconds. Education Dive is an industry dashboard designed to keep education professionals connected with information that is critical to their jobs. We teamed up with the guys over at UtilityDive to build them native (Android + iOS) versions of their already successful and popular web app.
    Look for the apps in January, 2013!


  • Consero CRM ™

    Web App CRM / Client: Consero Group, LLC

    Consero didn’t want to waste any time with learning to adapt existing CRM solutions to their business processes and their team. To accommodate, we conceptualized, designed, and built Consero a fully customized CRM for their business specifics. The system is super flexible, easy to use, and powerful.

    Product Design ExtJS MySQL PHP JavaScript HTML CSS

  • ConseroLink ™

    Web App / Client: Consero Group, LLC

    Consero events bring together senior executives and thought leaders in a uniquely intimate format for collaborative learning and networking. It only seemed right to build a web application to help facilitate these events as they grow and occur more frequently. We built Consero an entire event planning and management suite (admin backend) as well as a mini-site client-side system for each forum.

    Impact / Forum frequency has more than doubled each year.

    Product Design ExtJS MySQL PHP JavaScript HTML CSS

  • LawStaffPortal

    Web App

    We built a state-of-the-art web application catered specifically towards the law staffing industry. We teamed up with a business partner who knew the industry, recognized a need + problem, and we collectively aimed to solve it with this web application. The system is being released to law firms and law staffing agencies in early 2013.

    Product Design HTML5 CSS3 jQuery JavaScript Bootstrap Proprietary Tech

  • YulGo

    Web + Mobile App

    Will you go? YulGo is in event planning app to use with your friends. Instead of one person planning one activity, many people plan many activities around one general event. Ride sharing, spending tracking and sharing, lodging sharing, and so much more.

    Product Design HTML5 CSS3 jQuery JavaScript NodeJS MySQL Native iOS (soon)

    Check it out
  • WeePick

    Web App + Product Video

    You ask, the world answers. Not sure what movie to see tonight? Looking for a hot date spot? Just sign in using Facebook or twitter, and let the world give you the best option. Results come instantly; you can even see them by location on a map. We built out a super-easy polling application that’s easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, or with a link. Go ahead, give it a try!

    Product Design HTML5 CSS3 jQuery JavaScript MySQL NodeJS

    See the video / Try the App